Clarksburg Babysitting Service

SeekingSitters of Clarksburg is part of a Nationally Recognized, Award-Winning Sitter/Nanny Referral Service. SeekingSitters of Clarksburg refers Certified Professional Clarksburg Sitters and Nannies to residents and visitors to Clarksburg. SeekingSitters of Clarksburg specializes in providing sitters/nannies on a Full-Time, Part-Time, One-Time, or even Last Minute basis for babysitting, pet sitting, house sitting, and study support.

All of our Certified Professional Clarksburg Sitters and Nannies are personally interviewed and reference checked. All sitters and nannies must pass a Background Investigation performed by a Licensed Private Investigator as part of our Customized Background Investigations. Clarksburg Sitters/Nannies are also required to be at least 18 years old, have current First Aid & CPR Certifications, and have significant babysitting experience.

SeekingSitters of Clarksburg does all of the work for you! As a Member of SeekingSitters, all you have to do is log onto your online account and request a ClarksburgSitter for the day and time of your need and SeekingSitters handles the rest. After becoming a Member, you can view the profile of each Clarksburg Sitter or Nanny, see their picture, read reviews from other members, and set your Clarksburg Sitter preferences. Online scheduling of a Clarksburg Sitter or Nanny is as easy as clicking a mouse and you will receive an email confirmation once a Clarksburg Sitter or Nannyhas been assigned to your sitting event.

Once you have signed up for your SeekingSitters Membership you will have access to SeekingSitters nationwide! No matter where you travel, you will get the same convenience and outstanding service youve come to expect with SeekingSitters of Clarksburg.

SeekingSitters is also a great alternative to Clarksburg childcareClarksburg daycarecenters, or hiring a Clarksburg nanny. With SeekingSitters you have the convenience of having a sitter/nanny when you need one, and you avoid the substantial time and expense of acquiring and retaining other childcare options. SeekingSitters understands the importance of consistency for your family, so we make every effort to assign your preferred sitters to your requested sitting events.

Clarksburg Sitters/Nannies are also available for overnight events! Whether you have an overnight business trip or are in need of a parent get away, our sitters can take care of your children, pets, and home while you are away. SeekingSitters of Clarksburg can even schedule to have your favorite sitter accompany your family on your next vacation or weekend trip! You can enjoy the convenience and flexibility that comes with having a "Vacation Nanny!

We look forward to working with you and referring one of our Professional Certified Sitters to your family soon!