Brookmont Pet Sitting

SeekingSitters now offers Pet Sitting in Brookmont! Because of demand, we have expanded our services and can now help our members with their pet sitting needs. No additional sign-up is required and the service can even be utilized during travels.

At Home Care: Save time and keep pets healthy by keeping your pets at home rather than utilizing a kennel while you are away from home. Whether you are away on travels or working long hours, SeekingSitters Professional Sitters will work around your schedule and even leave detailed information in your online personal account so that you can check up on your loved one's status at any time!

Expert and Professional Care: Each referred sitter has extensive experience in your specific pet care need. Professional Sitters follow the SeekingSitters Sitting S.T.Y.L.E. on every pet sitting event by treating safety as the first priority, taking their job seriously and taking expert care of your pets.

Pet Sitting is scheduled in 1-hour increments. The first trip is considered the "Meet & Greet" and is mandatory unless the sitter has already visited the family's home. On the Meet & Greet the family will meet with the sitter & show the sitter the procedures to follow while the family is away from home (i.e. where the pet food is, where are the pet toys, and what schedule to follow).

On any additional trips the sitter will follow the procedures & guidelines that were set by the family during the Meet &Greet.

A typical pet sitting event will consist of the following:

-Letting the dog outside or taking the dog for a walk or cleaning out a litter box or cage.

-Feeding the pet

-Play time with the pet

- Love and comforting the pet

-Making sure the pet is safe


1 Hour/1 pet - $35

1 Hour/2 pets - $40

1 Hour/3 Pets- $45

Pet group - $55

Holidays add $25-$35 to the above prices.

Call for pricing on overnight care.